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Michel Bauwens

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Rushkoff on “Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy Report”

“There is no longer any excuse to remain ignorant of the vast peer-to-peer landscape that is slowly but surely replacing the obsolete, monopolistic, and competitive institutions of yesterday. This authoritative survey of the emerging collaborative economy may shock businesspeople and scare bankers, but it sure encourages me.”

– Dr. Douglas Rushkoff – author, Life Inc and Program or Be Programmed.

This month we have been serialising the report “Synthetic overview of the collaborative economy”, coproduced by Orange Labs and the P2P Foundation.  All posts on the report and the serialised chapters can be found here and there is a lively discussion over on facebook too!

Download the full report here.

Phi Beta Iota:  Governments are failed systems, whatever their intentions.  We are moving away from predatory capitalism that thrives on information asymmetries, and toward a moral collaborative economy that not only thrives on shared information, but reveals true costs and lowers all costs.  Michel Bauwens and Douglas Rushkoff are two of the foremost pioneers in this arena.

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