Lou Dobbs: Bloomberg “Talk to the Hand” and Obama/Panetta Fail to Perform — Where are the GP Tents with Heaters, the Field Kitchens, the Medical Triage?

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Lou Dobbs

Speaking on Fox News today Lou Dobbs blasted the Obama Administration and Mayor “Talk to the Hand” Bloomberg.  While he exaggerates in relation to Katrina and Bush being blasted (Sandy is 40,000 displaced persons, Katrina was 700,000), he does make the obvious point upon which we elaborate–where is the US military with General Purpose (GP) tents, cots, oil stoves, field kitchens, medical triage, and Internet cafes (many of the displaced have no power for their cell phones and their home phones are gone).

If Leon Panetta wanted to be useful today, both to the public and to the President facing defeat tomorrow, he could order the service chiefs to put every single displaced person under a warm GP tent before nightfall.  If he and they cannot do that, we will have taken the measure of DoD here at home, and found it wanting.

We are waiting for a Situation Report from Col GI Wilson, USMC (Ret) and Team Rubicon, which received on demand mapping support from our network, instantly.

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