Penguin: Petraeus Rehire Going Viral?

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David Petraeus Rehire: Viral Campaign for General Picking Up Steam, Should Obama Take Him Back?

An article written by Slate’s Emily Yoffe has gone viral for her view that President Barack Obama should rehire Gen. David Petraeus in the wake of the public revealing of his extramarital affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

“I have a great idea whom Barack Obama should nominate as his next CIA director: Gen. David Petraeus.” Yoffe wrote.

She continued: “With that simple announcement, Obama could strike a blow for civil liberties and against the silly and destructive sexual Puritanism that has taken down so many public figures. Since Petraeus’ departure both Democrats and Republicans have been mourning the loss of a public servant of extraordinary ability. So let’s mourn no more.”

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