Stephen E. Arnold: Multi-Lingual Precision Text-Processing

Advanced Cyber/IO
Stephen E. Arnold


An Interview with Mike Sorah


Can you give me an example?

Yes, one of our clients uses Cassandra Hadoop as the organization’s search engine. It took them less than 30 minutes to integrate Rosoka and make all of the names, organizations, and their relationships directly searchable. Before that they would have had to read through all of the documents and make that relationship map by hand. If there is an add-on federating system already in place, that client would have had to figure out how to integrate multilingual capability into the system and then develop a way to handle mixed language documents. The cost and complexity quickly put up a major hurdle.

Also, I want to reiterate that Rosoka is a “multilingual product for a multilingual world.” It is a multilingual world with near instantaneous communications with anyone anywhere. Since Rosoka is a truly multilingual, the system deals seamlessly with mixed languages.

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