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Sort of nice, but will it scale?

Climate Meme Project

The Climate Meme Project is a crowd funded, open collaboration initiative to reveal the meme landscape for climate action.

“Our one-day elementary school project, Climate Change is Elementary, bypasses the usual negative discourse by assuming that every educated person agrees that it is a scientific “fact” that the climate is changing and that man is largely to blame.  We do not confront the deniers and skeptics, we circumvent them by taking the school family  directly to a vision of a clean and green future.  We also focus on working with the innovators, the early adopters, and the early majority, who tend to agree with us.  We ignore the late majority and the laggards, or deniers, who will only hold our program back.”

– Dave Finnigan, Founding Director

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Phi Beta Iota:  Joe Brewer is a clever fellow who in the past worked with George Lakoff on ‘framing’.  He knows what he is doing and can certainly write well.  He writes more about the project here.  There are two litmus tests to determine if anyone talking about climate change actually has a clue.  First, do they understand that Climate Change is part of Environmental Degradation, and ED (a form of global erectile dysfunction) is #3 out of 10 high-level threats to humanity?  Do they undertsand that poverty, not corporations, causes most ED?  Second, within Climate Change itself,  do they understand that sulpher and mercury are greater threats than carbon?  If the answer to both these questions are “no” then one is dealing with a member of the babbling masses, not a real thinker.

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