SchwartzReport: Regulators Keep Fracking Pollution Test Results From Public — Betrayal of the Public Trust!

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schwartz reportRegulators Under Fire for Keeping Fracking Pollution Test Results Under Wraps

Mike Ludwig, 11 December 2012

Residents living in the shadow of fracking rigs say they’ve suffered from headaches, nosebleeds and other health effects since drilling began in their communities. Meanwhile, state agencies refuse to release the results of air and water pollution tests.

Thirty years ago, Jenny and Tom Lisak moved into a historic farmhouse in Pennsylvania’s rural Jefferson County. The couple raised three children there and established a certified organic farm they named LadyBug Farm.

“When living in the country, your time is marked by nature and each season comes with its own smells, sounds and colors,” Jenny Lisak recently told environmental researchers. “But those colors have faded and our wellbeing, livelihood and dreams are now threatened.”

The trouble started when the oil and gas boom hit Jefferson County and rolled into the Lisak’s neighborhood. First came the trucks carrying equipment and supplies in a stream of constant traffic; then oil and gas wells were drilled near LadyBug farm.

The Lisaks say they experienced frequent headaches, fatigue sore throats and eye and nose irritation. After the state issued a permit for an open-air impound pit to store drilling waste next to LadyBug Farm, the family has had trouble sleeping and experienced stress and anxiety.

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Phi Beta Iota:  When a government lacks the intelligence to understand, it has failed the public trust.  When a government has the intelligence to understand, but conceals from the public the negative results of special interest activities against the public interest, it has betrayed the public trust.  Fracking causes earthquakes and contaminated already depleted and at risk ground water.

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