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Got Crowd? BE the Force!

UPDATE:  NOT RECOMMENDED.  A pain in the ass every time you open a web page.  Kind of like NSA, but Achify is in your face all the time.

Is, what is, this is.

  • Capture everything

    All your browsing history and social network updates in one place.

  • Find anything

    Easily search your archive to find the websites you’ve already seen and your social network updates.

  • Personal statistics

    Get a personal interactive report featuring weekly insights and usage statistics of your web and social footprints.

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Phi Beta Iota:  NSA is the world's most expensive garbage can, and while it can capture all the garbage, it cannot make a seven course meal in a timely fashion.  In general, Archify is a useful resource but because the industry as a whole has refused to be serious about code-level security and individual control over DATA (the industry is still in stream mind-set), all this does is show you what NSA is capturing every day but NOT exploiting, on you.  NSA is in the business of moving money for pork, not in the business of making sense in support of national priorities, policies, acquisition, and operations.

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