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Robert Morrow
Robert Morrow

I was born in Tuscaloosa, AL in 1964. I have a BA in American History from Princeton University in 1987 and an MBA, specializing in real estate, from the University of Texas in 1990. I welcome both phone and email contact regarding the JFK assassination ( 512-306-1510  and

I am a self-employed investor and political researcher who lives in Austin, TX. I have 200+ books relating to the JFK assassination. I have not read them all, but I have read the best ones and skimmed the others. I am always willing to learn more and I am always willing to change my mind. I have a long term interest in history and politics. My US presidential voting record is for Mondale 1984, Dukakis 1988, Andre Marrou (Libertarian) 1992, Dole 1996, Bush 2000, Bush 2004, McCain 2008, Gary Johnson 2012. In 2008 and 2012 I was an ardent volunteer for Ron Paul in the Republican primary. At heart I am a libertarian Ron Paul Republican. I am a 3-time delegate to the Texas state Republican convention (2006-2010). In the near future I will be voting Libertarian in most races.

As for my views on the JFK assassination, I currently think that Lyndon Johnson made a dirty deal with CIA Republicans to murder John Kennedy for many reasons both personal and ideological.

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