Elin Whitney-Smith: Cain and Abel – Scarcity, Information, and the Invention of War

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
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Amazon Page

We have not always been warriors. War was invented along with political hierarchy, writing, and the invention of kingship.

This chapter tells the history of war starting with the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago, (before war was invented) up till the present when we may be seeing war becoming obsolete.

It examines various information revolutions and how they impacted the way war has been waged.

One thing which is constantly overlooked is that to have a successful war it is necessary that both parties have the same definition of what constitutes winning. The chapter shows how, from the very beginning of war, there were two different definitions of group violence – that of the agricultural peoples and that of the herding peoples. This difference in definition has been relevant throughout history and continues to this day.

Phi Beta Iota:  $1.99 for Kindle.  33 pages.  Elin Whitney-Smith is one of the original thinkers that the US Government has chosen to ignore for the past 20 years, because her ideas are affordable, practical, and would eradicate corruption while creating a prosperous world at peace.

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