Mongoose: CIA as Pawn — the Candidates — and the Nominee is…

Cultural Intelligence

UPDATE:  Brannan nominated.  We wish him well.  The drone program will be his death unless he wises up quickly and transfers the drone program to the military.  During his tenure CIA will face legal challenges in world courts, direct assassination of not-so-secret CIA case officers operating with impunity, and a president very disappointed that CIA cannot spell fracking, much less understand the brave new world.

Poor CIA. Poor DNI. All that money and no respect. Here are the leading candidates and their flaws.

John Brennan.  Honest — for all his flaws including having no idea what it takes to create a good analyst.  Rotten attention to detail, but he has the confidence of the President, could be a compromise with the Zionists, and if he picked a couple of seriously deep aides, would set the stage for closing down the DNI and restoring the Director of Central Intelligence position, an immediate savings of several billion dollars.  QUALIFIED

Director, Wall Street CIA.  A Catholic, trusted by the Zionists, he would get along with the Secretaries of State and Defense, knows clandestine operations better than anyone else now serving, with the right team he could both resurrect all-source intelligence and set stage for termination of the DNI.  QUALIFIED

Jane Harman.  In the wings as the trade-off for Zionist silence on Chuck Hagel.  More ego than brains, would be a figurehead kept busy with dinner parties.  CIA would have to enlist the FBI for assistance in making sure all her guests show up, she really, really does not like empty seats at “her” table.  DISQUALIFIED

Michael Morrel.  Acting Director.  Personally brilliant, without any knowledge of operations, easily lied to, and had no idea that Global Trends 2030 was a rotten piece of work.  DISQUALIFIED.

Phi Beta Iota:  With the nominations of John Kerry and Chuck Hagel the President is setting the stage for adult governance in national security.  Still missing from the mix is the Open Source Agency (OSA) that would not only empower State and Defense and Whole of Government with unclassified decision-support, but it would enable the very same decision-support to be provided to every Congressional jurisdiction, and for the first time in modern history, put the truth at the table across both the legislative and executive branches and before the public.

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