Pierre Cloutier: Grag Palast on Hugo Chavez — Justice in Venezuela, Ignorance and Arrogance in Washington

Pierre Cloutier
Pierre Cloutier

How can it be possible that a reverend like Pat Robertson can promote God and assassination in the same time?

Big Oil, Big Ketchup and “The Assassination of Hugo Chavez”

Greg Palast

TruthOut, 9 January 2013

Greg Palast reviews the extraordinary career of Venezuelan President and Robin Hood figure Hugo Chavez, how he has cheated kidnap and assassination and may yet cheat death by maintaining his accomplishments.

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Venezuelan President Chavez once asked me why the US elite wanted to kill him. My dear Hugo: It's the oil. And it's the Koch Brothers – and it's the ketchup.

[As a purgative for the crappola fed to Americans about Chavez, my foundation, The Palast Investigative Fund, is offering the film, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez, as a free download here. Based on my several meetings with Chavez, his kidnappers and his would-be assassins, it was filmed for BBC Television. DVDs also available.]

Reverend Pat Robertson said,

Hugo Chavez thinks we're trying to assassinate him. I think that we really ought to go ahead and do it.

It was 2005 and Robertson was channeling the frustration of George Bush's State Department. Despite Bush's providing intelligence, funds and even a note of congratulations to the crew who kidnapped Chavez (we'll get there), Hugo remained in office, re-elected and wildly popular.

But why the Bush regime's hate, hate, hate of the president of Venezuela?

Reverend Pat wasn't coy about the answer: It's the oil.

This is a dangerous enemy to our South controlling a huge pool of oil.

A really big pool of oil. Indeed, according to Guy Caruso, former chief of oil intelligence for the CIA, Venezuela holds a recoverable reserve of 1.36 trillion barrels, that is, a whole lot more than Saudi Arabia.

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Robert David STEELE VivasClick Here to See Personal Page
Robert David STEELE Vivas
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ROBERT STEELE:  The lack of intelligence and integrity within the US Government — what some call “distortions” is now CRITICAL.  What Greg does not address is the creation of CELAC, a regional association that excludes the US and Canada.  The same thing has happened in Asia, where Barack Obama was sent home with his Trans-Pacific Partnership in flames —  the world is  turning on the USA after a century of “legitimate grievances” that have been ignored.  The incoming Secretaries of State and Defense are good people who will be surrounded by people whose main role in life has been to go along with and perpetuate a culture of lies –what Loch Johnson calls the seven sins of foreign policy.  If Kerry and Hagel do not make the Open Source Agency (OSA) and the truth the central element of their joint tenure, Obama's last four years will be like his Nobel Prize tens days into office: a massive lie cast as bad theater.

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