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schwartz reportAs More Move to the City, Does Rural America Still Matter?

This is what is happening to American society almost without comment or public discussion. What this report misses is that as our government is currently structured each state has two senators. We now have Federal Senators who represent a few hundred thousand people, and others that represent tens of millions. As the emptying of rural America continues this trend will be exacerbated, and it will lend force to the Gre! at Schism Trend.

U.S. States Flirt With Major Tax Changes

We are entering into a very interesting period of transition moving power back to the states. This is part of the Great Schism Trend. The Theocratic Right, unable to control national policy in the way they would like, have realized that they can get control at the state level — in certain states. And they have. As a result they are implementing their social vision. In some Red value states it is now almost impossible for a poor woman to get re! productive healthcare or a pregnancy termination. And, as this report makes clear, in those same Theocratic Right value states they are now going to impose their Randian economic vision. It is going to be interesting to see how this turns out. So far Red value states are generally recipients not donors; their programs are made possible through the underwriting of Blue value states.

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