1 March 2013 Geoergetown University, Washington, DC Colloquium on Genocides and War Crimes

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Colloquium on Genocides and War Crimes, Georgetown University

Join us for the 1st International Colloquium on Genocides and War Crimes scheduled for McDonough Hall, Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC. on Friday, 1st March 2013. From 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Diplomatic representatives of countries impacted by these crimes, Survivors of mass atrocities from diverse countries across the world and globally renowned experts in the field of Genocides, War Crimes and Health Law will converge to analyze the consequences of denial of genocides and mass atrocities; the impact of these global scourge on humanity; means of identifying where a repeat is likely to occur and what can be done to prevent such re-occurrence. The Colloquium will further explore into the health consequences of mass atrocities on the victims and their descendants. Confirmed Speakers at the event include: the Ambassadors of Armenia, Rwanda, and Montenegro, Genocide Survivors from the Jewish Holocaust, Biafran and Cambodian genocides and internationally renowned experts in the fields of genocides, Health Law such as Prof’s. Herbert  Ekwe-Ekwe, Greg Bloche and Gregory Statnton.

This will mark the very first time [sic, not correct] survivors of genocides and like atrocities, experts in the relevant field and repr4esentatives of governments across the world directly impacted by Genocides and war crimes and crimes against humanity will be converging to chart a path towards early identification and management of situations which might metamorphose into genocidal attacks.

Phi Beta Iota.  There is no indication these people are aware of the pioneering work of Dr. Greg Stanton or Mr. John Heidenrich, both the top two experts in Washington on this topic, and like most honest experts, ignored by the US Government.  When one's own government is directly responsible for aiding and even funding dictators that carry out genocides (e.g. Reagan in Guatemala) or when one's own government lacks a holistic analytic model that can connect cause (genocide) and effect (displacement, poverty, disease, crime, civil ware, etcetera), it is naive to think that any gathering is going to have any effect at all.  And by the way, the eight stages of genocide have been known for decades, we do not lack for intelligence, we simply lack for integrity — Samantha Powers, for example, drew most of her inspiration from John Heidenrich's prior work, and never gave him credit or the time of day when she was in a position of influence, nor did she actually accomplish anything substantive while engaged in what we now call “policy tourism.”

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