Berto Jongman: Special Librarians Association Considers How Librarians Might be Intelligence Discovery Specialists — It Only Took Them TWENTY YEARS From When the Idea was First Presented

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

SLA 2013 Annual Confernce, 9 June

Dr. Edna Reid, intelligence analyst (IA) in the federal government, and Aileen Marshall will present an interactive session about emerging roles for librarians/information professionals as intelligence analysts (IAs), open source specialists, and cyber intelligence analysts. The workshop will involve dissecting job descriptions for IAs, comparing competencies of librarians and IAs, and exploring training opportunities such as the open source specialist certificate. Reforms in the intelligence community (IC) and enhanced recognition of the value of open source/unclassified information (OSINT) can provide new opportunities for you!

• Discover how librarians can make the transition to IAs in the intelligence community (IC).
• Analyze IA job announcements, outline differences between LIS and an IA resumes, and discuss analytical tradecraft associated with IAs. Tradecraft is a skill acquired through experience in a trade.
• Highlight opportunities for librarians/information professionals and the SLA.

Phi Beta Iota:  This is posted only to demonstrate the very slow learning curve across the eight tribes of intelligence.  All of the information associations were told in 1992-1994 they should be thinking along these lines, at the same time that the intelligence communities of the world were told that analysts should do their own online search if the answer could be gotten in 15 minutes; the in-house librarian should handle it if it can be done in an hour; and it should be out-sourced to a specialist librarian or information broker if it would require more than an hour or access to multiple databases.  TWENTY YEARS.  And they still don't get it.

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