Worth a Look: New Book on Air Power in UN Operations

Worth A Look

Wings for Peace: Air Power in UN Operations


24 February 2013

Front Material
0.1    Preface
0.2    Foreword Roméo Dallaire
0.3    Introduction Walter Dorn

Part I:  The UN’s First “Air Force”: Congo 1960-64
1.0    Introduction
1.1    Dropping Bombs and Firing Missiles: The United Nations Mission in the Congo Walter Dorn and Robert Pauk
1.2    Organizing the Air Effort in the Congo, 1960 William K. Carr
1.3    A Fine Line: Use of Force, the Cold War, and Canada's Air Contribution to ONUC Kevin Spooner

Part II:  Airlift: Lifeline for UN Missions
2.0    Introduction
2.1    Humanitarian Relief in Haiti 2010: Honing the Partnership Between the US Air Force and the United Nations Robert Owen
2.2    Procurement of Aviation Support and UAVs Kevin Shelton-Smith, Chief Aviation Projects, UN Headquarters
2.3    UNHAS:  The UN Humanitarian Air Service Walter Dorn and Ryan Cross
2.4    Aviation’s Role in Global Aid and Social Development Andy Cole

Part III: Surveillance: Eyes in the Sky
3.0    Introduction
3.1    Aerial surveillance: Eyes in the Sky Walter Dorn
3.2    UNOGIL Walter Dorn
3.3    UN Military Observation on the Roof-top of the World: Canadian Air Operations in Kashmir Matthew Trudgen
3.4    UAVs Supporting UN Operations:  The MDA Service Model Dave Neil

Part IV:  Combat: Enforcing the Peace
4.0    Introduction
4.1    Air Operations in Somalia William Dean III
4.2    UN Attack Helicopters in the Heart of Africa, 2004 onward Walter Dorn

Part V:  No-Fly Zones
5.0    Introduction
5.1    UN Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission and the Southern No-Fly Zone, 1992-2003 James McKay
5.2    Touched by Air Power: Unarmed Military Observers in Sarajevo, 1993-94 F. Roy Thomas
5.3    Operation Deliberate Force in Bosnia 1995: Humanitarian Constraints in Aerospace Warfare Robert Owen
5.4    Air Operations in Operations Unified Protector (Libya) Canadian Forces Aerospace Warfare Centre study [TBC]
5.5    Libya and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) Paul Mitchell [TBC]

Part VI:  Conclusions
6.0    Introduction
6.1    Peace from Above:  Envisioning the Future of UN Airpower Robert D. Steele
6.2    Conclusion Walter Dorn et al.

See Also:

Dorn, Walter (2011).  Keeping Watch: Monitoring Technology and Innovation in UN Peace Operations (Tokyo, JP: UNU Press)

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