Berto Jongman: Doug Rushkoff One Hour on Present Shock

Cultural Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

From WebVisions New York 2013, Live from Theater for the New City, Douglas Rushkoff gives his Keynote from his new book, “Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now”.

“Currently serving as Code Evangelist for Codecademy, Rushkoff is the author of a dozen bestselling books on media, technology, and society, including Program or Be Programmed, Media Virus, and the upcoming Present Shock. He made the PBS documentaries Merchants of Cool and Digital_Nation, lectures around the world, and has taught at The New School and NYU.”

Doug Rushkoff: Present Shock (YouTube 15:14) & Book

Worth a Look: Present Shock – When Everything Happens Now

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