Michel Bauwens: Peer Governance and Wikipedia (interview with Bauwens & Bruns)

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Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

Peer Governance and Wikipedia (interview with Bauwens & Bruns)

This week the interviews with experts and (ex-)Wikipedians, on which parts of my paper “Peer Governance and Wikipedia: Identifying and Understanding the Problems of Wikipedia’s Governance (2009)” were based, are going to be presented in a series of separate posts. This first post contains the short interviews with Michel Bauwens and Axel Bruns who are answering the same questions.

Read full interview.

Phi Beta Iota:  Strongly recommended.  Wikipedia lacks integrity.  It has been taken over by various cabals including Zionists, the various industrial complexes, and our very own CIA.  Wikipedia is a classic example of a “controlled” asset used to misinform the public at great convenience.  Across the sciences and the humanities, across most public issue areas, and certainly with respect to Open Source Intelligence, WIkipedia is a disinformation source that is very convenient for the loosely educated to embrace.  It is a form of “soft” propaganda and therefore toxic.

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