SmartPlanet: BP accused of rewriting Wikipedia records


smartplanet logoBP accused of rewriting Wikipedia records

A British Petroleum representative is being accused of rewriting almost half of the firm’s environmental records on popular online encyclopaedia Wikipedia.

By Charlie Osborne

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Phi Beta Iota:  This is one reason we place no credence on WIkipedia.  It was “captured” and has been manipulated since its inception.  Its editorial team does the best it can, but the bottom line is that Wikipedia lacks integrity and cannot be trusted as anything more than convenience.  Encyclopedia Britannica did not understand that INTEGRITY was the value-added that could have kept it alive if they had gone online and shifted to living documents that were validated.  All elements of society — all eight tribes — have lost their integrity.  Fundamentalism is the opposite of integrity — idiocy on steroids.  Our challenge in the 21st Century is to restore intelligence with integrity to every element of society.

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