Anthony Judge: Eliciting a Universe of Meaning

Cultural Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Eliciting a Universe of Meaning

within a global information society of fragmenting knowledge and relationships

Eliciting meaning of universal significance
Resolving vs. Developing
Eliciting meaningful identity: resolution vs. resolving
Solve et coagulo: neither changing nor resolving?
Pop concert of democracies as a vehicle for meaning?
Dynamic transformation of static reporting of global processess
State sovereignty in a meaningful universe?
Symbolic connotations of sovereignty in a meaningful process
Illicit  meaning and “illiciting meaning”?
Mnemonic clues to configuration and containment of meaningful identity
Sustaining a universe of meaning within a questioning process
Eliciting a universe of meaning from nothing through alchemical processes
Geometry of meaning: an alchemical Rosetta Stone?


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