Berto Jongman: cyber pearl harbor panel discussion – 22 Years Late

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Panel Talks About Detecting, Thwarting Cyber Attack

Space Foundation, 04/08/2013

Can the U.S. detect, thwart and respond to a cyber offensive that would leave our nation vulnerable to other, possibly more conventional, offensive efforts? Visions of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor” are forcing decision makers to take steps to avoid such a calamity.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Pedestrian — and 22 years late.  The US Government refused to heed the many warnings from Winn Schwartau and others, including Congressional testimony in 1990 — just as it ignored peak oil and peak water and disease warnings in the 1970's.  It appears that 25 years — a quarter century — is the lag time that can be directly related to corruption within those institutions that wish to ignore ethical evidence-based decision-support, and instead continue to betray the public trust and fail to do their Constitutional duty.

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Schwartau, Winn (1991).   Terminal Compromise: Computer Terrorism in a Networked Society.  Interpact Press.

Schwartau, Winn (1996).  Chaos On The Electronic Superhighway; Information Warfare.  Thunder's Mouth Press.

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