Berto Jongman: State-Sponsored Industrial Cyber-Espionage

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

State-backed data spies hunt industrial secrets

State-sponsored industrial espionage became a bigger cyber-threat to companies in 2012, a report indicates.

Statistics gathered for Verizon's annual data breach report suggested state-sponsored hacking attacks were now the number two cyber-threat.

Top of the list were hackers looking to steal money after breaking into corporate networks,

Often, the report said, companies took months to spot a breach and discover what data had been stolen.

The study was published to coincide with Infosec – an annual security conference in London.

While hackers had financial motives in 75% of the cyber-attacks analysed for the report, in 20% of cases the perpetrators were after trade secrets or intellectual property, it stated.

“The number one statistical change we noticed is the level of state-sponsored espionage,” said security analyst Wade Baker, lead author on the report. “That's a lot higher.”

He added that 2012 was the first year that there were so many espionage-motivated attacks that they deserved their own category.

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