Eagle: A Nation of Zombie Idiots?

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300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

America has devolved into a nation of welfare zombies living on little more than brain stem function

Sunday, April 28, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

If you want to look where America is headed, look no further than the recent activist video released by Mark Dice. He attempted to gather signatures for a petition that demanded America become a Nazi-style Orwellian police state, complete with forced mercury injections of children and door-to-door gun confiscation nationwide. Astonishingly, people gladly signed it!

Not just one or two people, but a steady stream of people. Demonstrating their true idiocy — there’s no other word for it — they put their signature on a document that called for a return to the Hitler regime of World War II with mass murder and concentration camps.

The purpose of this exercise was to see just how far you could go in proposed insane laws and still garner public support for it. After watching this, I’m convinced that the average American would vote for a law that called for the rounding up and imprisonment of all gun owners, the outlawing of cash, and even the surgical removal of all breasts of female children in order to prevent “future breast cancer.”

In truth, there’s nothing today’s mainstream idiots won’t go for if it’s proposed by government: The ritualistic sacrifice of your firstborn child, a federal income tax rate of 90%, the outlawing of home gardens… you name it, people will sign a petition to support it.

And why? Because they are zombie idiots who literally have barely enough brain matter still functioning in their skulls to dress themselves in the morning, swipe their EBT cards and use a TV remote. We are dealing with people whose brain activity barely rises above brain stem functionality.

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