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The Silent Epidemic in a Broken, Deranged System: Stress

April 18, 2013)

It’s not only the individual who needs help adjusting to chronic stress–the deranged system he/she inhabits needs to change.Longtime readers know that I see our system not just as financially sick but as spiritually and psychologically deranging. The illnesses are related, of course–a distorted economic system (i.e. financialization) that rewards parasitic sociopathy and political predation cannot help but make its participants physically and psychologically ill.

Here is a selection of the many entries I’ve written on this largely ignored topic:

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Readers are often puzzled by the term The Politics of Experience, which is the core of the Survival+ analysis. The term comes from psychiatrist/author R.D. Laing, and I use it to describe the subtle ways that our worldview is molded to make certain forms of political and financial dominance so “natural” that we lose awareness of its arbitrary, carefully engineered structure.

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I recently received this commentary from Kenneth Daigle, a 33-year veteran stockbroker/financial advisor on the subject of chronic, systemic stress. (He requested that his full name be published.) Kenneth succinctly ties together the nation’s economic distemper, its broken healthcare system and the culture of high expectations and consumerism:

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