Jean Lievens: Jeremy Rifkin on Global Issues and the Future of Our Planet

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

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Uploaded on Mar 7, 2011

Forget the credit crunch, it is not compared with the problems ahead. This says top economist Jeremy Rifkin in an exclusive interview with EénVandaag. …

According to Rifkin, everything depends on the question, how we deal with energy?
We continue to cling to fossil fuel than is the survival of mankind is at stake.
We move towards a sustainable society where everyone self generates and exchanges we have a chance to survive.

He bases his ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ on four pillars: (continued after the clip (27 min) and below the line)…. production of renewable energy refurbishment of the buildings so that they are responsible for their own energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions energy storage to sudden failure of the power grid to prevent distribution of energy through smart grids where each user becomes a supplier.
These four pillars are Rifkin back in Flanders in Action, the future which the Flemish Government for the top five European regions to 2020. The Flemish target by 2020 at least 13% of the total energy supply from renewable energy target, jumps the most eye.

Soon take Jeremy Rifkin and Minister-President Kris Peeters reconnect with each other. Also Flemish Minister for Innovation Ingrid Lieten and Flemish Minister for Energy Freya Van den Bossche will be involved. On the agenda are the options for a possible collaboration with Jeremy Rifkin in connection with the further development of the Flemish energy.