John Maguire: Media Spectacle and America’s Withered Circle of Empathy

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John Maguire
John Maguire

Boston Bombing VS West Explosion: A Nation Conflicted

Adam Kokesh, Iraq War Veteran and host of Adam vs. The Man, presents a much needed critique of the American “Citizenry” and our emotional/intellectual response to Media-Spectacle. While the Boston Bombings were certainly a tragic/shocking event, why was no attention paid to the West Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosions that killed 15 and injured hundreds? Why are no tears spilled over the 55 victims of car bombs in Iraq?

If it's labeled as an accident, or the victims look different than us, we just don't seem to care. We get concerned about what we're told to get concerned about when it is politically convenient for the puppet-masters.

Likewise, we believe the stories/narratives we're told to believe. Obviously the Boston attack was masterminded by two kids from Chechnya and not by rogue elements in the government…right? Even the most educated amongst us are so often susceptible to this pathological condition.

The Long and Short: We need to get our collective heads out of our asses, reclaim or cognitive/emotional sovereignty, and push back against media manipulation/spectacle. The Corporatist Police State is unrelenting and we need to be sharp.

Take away quote:  “Government as a safety mechanism simply does not work.”

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