Mini-Me: Clergy Kept From Injured in Boston — and Now the Injured Have Vanished….

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Who? Mini-Me?


Clergy Were Reportedly Banned From the Deadly Boston Bombing Scene — Here Are the Details

The chaos that unfolded in the minutes and hours following two deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon earlier this month was widely reported. But one of the finer details that has been given little attention until now is the role — or lack thereof — that clergy played directly following the carnage.

A new report in the Wall Street Journal claims that faith leaders were very literally banned from the trauma scene. As individuals lay on the ground maimed and suffering from unimaginably-dire wounds, nearby clergy were not allowed to enter to give last rights or even to comfort the victims.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The better law enforcement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) provide for the liberal (unpaid) use of all available clergy in diaster situations.  From where we sit, there is only one big reason for keeping clergy from their traditional role in Boston: they were not “cleared” for the drill scenario that required 200 “victims” to be rapidly evacuated and ostensibly treated in an Israeli controlled hospital, before vanishing.  Unwitting clerly would have immediately detected the fake blood and fake insuries.  The scenario planners overlooked this detail (we would have as well — not something even the best professionals will think about, priests coming out of the woodwork).  Has anyone seen the allegedly injured?  Has anyone seen photographs of them, or of their injuries?  Are there billing records for their treatment (a probable oversight but with an Israeli-controlled hospital, possibly also a real profit maker — 200 fake victims approved by the government — does medical fraud get any better than that?  We have no direct knowledge — and we have never, in decades of following terrorism, seen an event with so many anomalies that are both unquestioned and unexplained.  Of course this also leads to the deep philosophical question: if no one dies in a false flag terrorism exercise, except a couple of loser patsies and one throw-away cop, is it false flag terrorism, or just an illegal covert action (propaganda) against the US public by its own government?

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