JOHN KIRIAKOU: Duping a Whistleblower

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What has happened to whistleblower Daniel Hale is very troubling. A former U.S. Air Force intelligence officer, he was arrested on May 4 in advance of his July 13 sentencing for blowing the whistle on the U.S. government’s deadly and illegal drone program.

Justice Department prosecutors maintain that Hale had “violated the terms of his bail.” In court, his attorneys maintained “there were no violations committed by the defendant as alleged.” They’re right. The government is lying. Daniel explained what happened to me in a phone call from jail. And what happened is yet another injustice against this hero. For the record, Daniel is permitting me to make these details public.

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DefDog: Zionist Red Mafiya Cyber-Industrial Espionage

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The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage

Isabel Maxwell: Israel’s “Back Door” Into Silicon Valley

DEFDOG: Between their intimate controlled relations with bribed and blackmailed US officials at the federal, state, and local levels; their mastery of pedophilia blackmail to the point that they control Members of Congress, Governors, Judges and Justices, and major banking and corporate chiefs; and their software penetrations from the 1980's onward, the Zionist Red Mafiya (a conflation of Russian criminal titans, US traitors, and the State of Israel NEVER to be confused with Judaism) “own”  the USA. This would be easy  to clean up if NSA were weaponized against them — until then, they “own” the CIA &  FBI.

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John Whitehead: Home Invasions at Will — You Have NO RIGHTS?

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John Whitehead

Home Invasions: All the Ways the Government Can Lay Siege to Your Property

This is not a government that respects the rights of its citizenry or the law. Rather, this is a government that sells its citizens to the highest bidder and speaks to them in a language of force.

Overcriminalization: That you can now get pulled over and cited for honking your horn while driving and listening to music illustrates just how uptight and over-regulated life in the American police state has become.

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