22-23 May 2013 University of Maryland Human-Computer Interaction Lab-Conference

Advanced Cyber/IO

The University of Maryland’s Human-Computer Interaction Lab’s 30th Annual Symposium:
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Thursday, May 23, 2013

HCIL’s 30th Annual Symposium will consider the future of social media, networks, medical informatics, information visualization, interaction design, children, games, education, HCI design methods, tangible computing, accessibility, and MORE! Learn more about the HCIL’s research at the UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND through talks, tutorials, workshops, demos and posters.

Wednesday, May 22: Keynotes, talks in parallel with workshops and tutorials
Thursday, May 23: Demos, talks in parallel with workshops and tutorials

Attendees can focus on suggested tracks or sample talks from all topics. Sample tracks include:

* Education & Games
* HCI & Design
* Medical Informatics & Visualization
* Social Media & Networks

Please see below for suggested tracks:

For attendees focusing on EDUCATION & GAMES:
* Using Touchscreens to Support Preschool Children in Learning Programming
* Mobile Device Touchscreens in Augmented Reality to Support Children’s Second Language Learning
* Designing Alternate Reality Games for Learning
* Video Game Controllers: Negative and positive transfer across games and genres
* A Year-long Case Study of Co-Design with Middle School Boys with Special Needs
* FACITPD: A framework for considering techniques in children’s participatory design
* Cooperative Inquiry with Designers and Learners
* Using Technology to Promote Ownership in Learning
* Longitudinal Study of the Online Searching Behaviors of Youth
* TUTORIAL: Designing Technology with and for Children in the 21st Century
* WORKSHOP: Moving from Big Data to (Learning) Analytics: Understanding data analysis of large-scale online learning communities
* WORKSHOP: Human-Game Interaction: HCI and video games

For attendees focusing on HCI & DESIGN:
* Crisp Answers to Fuzzy Questions:  Design lessons for crowdsourcing decision inputs
* Challenges and Potentials of End-User Gesture Customization
* Enhancing Cyberinfrastructure with Cognitive Principles
* Interactive Program Synthesis for End-User Programming
* TUTORIAL: Introduction to Usability Testing

* Avoiding Wrong Patient Selection
* Twinlist for Medication Reconciliation: Evaluation with clinicians
* Temporal Pattern Search and Replace and Its Impact on Scalability
* Motifs for Large Graphs
* Visualization Change in Large Hierarchies
* Analyzing Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Record Data
* WORKSHOP: Exploring Temporal Patterns in Electronic Health Records

For attendees focusing on SOCIAL MEDIA & NETWORKS:
* Motivation for Participating in Citizen Science Projects
* Lessons from a Geocaching Game for Citizen Science
* Heuristic Evaluation of Language Tools
* Combining Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Identify Street-level Accessibility Problems
* Analyzing User-generated YouTube Videos to Understand Touchscreen Use by People with Motor Impairments
* When Face-to-Face Fails: Opportunities for social media to foster collaborative learning

For attendees focusing on TANGIBLE COMPUTING:
* Designing Tangible Computing for Creativity
* I Find This Humerus: A tangible interactive shirt for teaching anatomy to children
* Sharing Intimacy through Huggable Bears

For attendees focusing on ACCESSIBILITY:
* Touchscreen Accessibility
* Combining Crowdsourcing and Google Street View to Identify Street-level Accessibility Problems
* Analyzing User-generated YouTube Videos to Understand Touchscreen Use by People with Motor Impairments

Even more topics will be presented in our demos, posters and videos.

Special thanks to our sponsors:

* Deloitte
* Intel
* Novartis
* Oracle
* Spotfire
* Virtusa
* Yahoo!
* Interactions
* The Hive Group
* IBM Research

University of Maryland Sponsors:
* Center for Advanced Study of Language
* College of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences
* College of Information Studies-Maryland’s iSchool
* Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship
* University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies

Charley Lewittes
Coordinator, HCIL

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