4th Media: Zionism as Racism & Fascism — Holocaust Nuances Plus Remember the Slavs — Hitler Inspired by USA Eradication of Native Amiercans

06 Genocide, 07 Other Atrocities
Craven Omahkohkiaaiipoo
Craven Omahkohkiaaiipoothe Slavs


Mark Jones’ Crashlist

One of Mark’s [Jones] ideas for the [former “Crashlist”] list, one the moderators share I’m sure, is that the list could be used to share weapons of struggle. Anyone who has done serious mass work, I mean the kind away from the keyboard, knows that sometimes a pithy quote, an uncovered source, an irrefutable fact, a way of phrasing, a piece of reasoning, hypocrisy exposed, an infiltrator outed, a great “expert” really grilled, etc can cause a kind of critical mass and cause all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds to take a quantum leap in consciousness or at least take a fork in the road on a whole new direction.

I have been invited several times to debate Zionists on Palestine (usually in the role of a “PalestIndian” as we see Palestinians as the Indians of the Middle East and American Indians as “the Palestinians” of North America). By debatng Zionists, I mean, the official kind, as in working in paid positions for open Zionist organizations clearly tied in with Israel, in the capacity of roving and officially designated “Speakers”. It is Palestinian friends who invite me to join them.

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Phi Beta Iota:  A thoughtful and absorbing read.  Provides useful balance for historical reflection.

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