Counter-Intelligence: Free New Film Online by Scott Noble; Links & Summary for Earlier Film The Power Principle (Also Free Online)

Cultural Intelligence

spy versus spyOf his films as a whole, John Stauber, the founder of the Center for Media and Democracy, stated:

“Metanoia is brilliantly pioneering the new film-making — incisive analysis, compelling sound and footage, fearless and independent reporting, and the aggregation of the best information out there into powerful, educational and free online feature films – all on a shoestring budget.   Noble's films are dedicated to democracy; they fan the flames of non-violent, people-powered revolution”.

The title of the new film is “Counter-Intelligence” (‘Shining a light on black operations').  It is made up of 5 parts, viewable here (all Vimeo links, all free online):

1. The Company 

2. The Deep State

3. The Strategy of Tension

4. Necrophilous

5. Drone Nation

The film includes original interviews with:

Christopher Simpson (Author, “The Science of Coercion”), Ray McGovern (Former CIA officer); John Judge (Coalition Political Assassinations); Russ Baker (Investigative Journalist), Nafeez Ahmed (Author, “The War on Freedom”), Bill Christison (former CIA Officer), Robert Steele (Former CIA Officer), John Perkins (Author, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”); Peter Dale Scott (Author, “The Road to 911”); William I. Robinson (“Critical globalization studies”), Marcia Esparza (Historical Memory Project); James Petras (Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University); Michael Parenti (Historian); Graeme MacQueen (Center for Peace Studies); William Blum (Author, “Killing Hope”); Peter Phillips (Project Censored): John Stauber (Center for Media and Democracy); Joel Kovel (“Author, Overcoming Zionism”); Diana Ralph (Independent Jewish Voices); Larry Pinkney (Black Commentator).

Topics include: the structure of the modern intelligence agency; the evolution of the CIA; plausible deniability; compartmentalization and “need-to-know”; dirty tricks; election tampering; assassination; NGO's and front companies; mercenary groups; the modern military-intelligence bureaucracy, including JSOC and NSA; The Panopticon; alliances with organized crime; the “war on drugs”; false flag operations; psywar; proxy war; death squads, torture and demonstrative violence; civilian casualties in modern war; the “grand chessboard”; Islamophobia; the Israeli factor; the degradation of the rule of law; the politics of “conspiracy theory”; the war on whistleblowers; and the rise of drone warfare.

Also by Scott Noble:

I have just completed a new documentary which includes footage from our interview.   Title is “The Power Principle” (Corporate empire and the rise of the national security state).   It's essentially the story of the American empire.   You only appear once, in Part III, however your segment deals with the crucial issue of military provocation against the Soviet Union.   I will be using other segments from our interview in my next film, “Counter-Intelligence”.The film is divided up into 3 parts —

1. Empire

An Introduction to the Empire; Iran – Oil and Geopolitics; Guatemala – the “merger of state and corporate power”; The Congo – Neocolonialism; Grenada – “The Mafia Doctrine”; Vietnam and East Timor — The Domino theory; Chile – “libertarianism with a small l”; Globalization: Consequences.1945: Grand Area Strategy; Fascism: a “rational system of the plutocracy”; Case Studies: the Greek Communists; The Italian Communists; the Spanish Anarchists; Fascism’s Western backers; Trading with the Enemy; Fascism as “preservation of civilization”; the Cold War and “A Century of Fear”.

2. Propaganda

The Soviet Menace?; Case Studies: El Salvador, Nicaragua; Propaganda: Self-Deception and blowback; The “International Communist Conspiracy”; Declassified Documents; NSC 68; The Pentagon as Keynsian Mechanism; The Military Industrial Complex; The War against the Third World; Shifting rationales; What is imperialism?; the evolution of the American empire; Case Study: Haiti; “War is a racket”.Fear-based conditioning – The War of the Worlds, The Triumph of the Will; World view Warfare; The Russians are coming; Television: The “perfect propaganda medium”; Soviet vs. American propaganda; Hollywood and the Pentagon; Psywarriors and the media; Operation Mockingbird; The Pentagon Pundits; Project Revere; The Bomber Gap; “scare the hell out of them”.

3. Apocalypse.

Mutually Assured Destruction; MAD men – Curtis Lemay and the super hawks; MAD men – Hermann Kahn and the Rand Corporation; Over flights as provocation; Cuba: the “danger of a good example”; terrorism against Cuba; “Unconventional warfare”; the Cuban Missile Crisis and the “man who saved the world”.Why did the Soviet Union collapse?; Gorbachev: a “more violent, less stable world”; the Pentagon’s New Map; Did Ronald Reagan end the Cold War?; The Brink of Apocalypse: Able Archer; The betrayal of Russia; The expansion of NATO; Yugoslavia and Libya; the Yeltsin coup; Living standards in the former Soviet Union; A third way?

Postscript: The Power Principle.

The film includes original interviews with — Nafeez Ahmed (Author, “The War on Freedom”); John Perkins (Author, “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”); James Petras (Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University); John Stauber (Center for Media and Democracy) Marcia Esparza (Historical Memory Project); Peter Linebaugh (Author, “The Many-Headed Hydra”); Noam Chomsky; Graeme MacQueen (Center for Peace Studies); Michael Parenti; William Blum; Christopher Simpson (Author, “The Science of Coercion”); Howard Zinn; Robert Steele (former CIA, Earth Intelligence Network); Nancy Snow (Author, Propaganda Inc.); William I. Robinson (Editor, Critical Globalization Studies); Morris Berman (Author, “Dark Ages America”); Peter Phillips (“Project Censored”); Michael Albert (Znet, Author, Parecon).Total length is 4 hours, each film being an average of 120 min.   So it's about twice the length of the average documentary.  4 hr, 5 hr, even 10 or 20 hr documentaries are not unusual on television.  For example, the CNN documentary on the Cold War runs 20 hours.

I emailed it to Michael Parenti first.  He said of the film that is a “Powerful, deeply informative account of the plunder, hypocrisy, and mass violence of the American empire; gripping, insightful, and highly relevant to the events of today.”    Once I have a few more quotes I will submit the film to alternative news websites.   I have found this method successful in the past.  Despite their low budgets, my films have received about half-a-million views online, and three of them were selected for Films For Action's top 100 political documentaries (Lifting the Veil came in at number 5).    I'm a blue collar Joe working on a shoe-string budget, so don't expect perfect audio-video quality.   The lack of funding does have its advantages, however, in that I don't have to pull any punches.   Scott

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