John Maguire: Dr. Eugene Malllove, MIT: Cold Fusion & Zero Point

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John Maguire
John MaguireJ

Eugene Mallove taught science journalism at MIT and Boston University and was chief science writer at MIT’s news office, a position he left as part of a dispute with the school over cold fusion.

He was also author of the masterpiece work in scientific journalism Fire From Ice. Despite being written off by ‘skeptics’, Cold Fusion is very much a substantive and legitimate field of scientific inquiry now 20+ years after it’s initial discovery. In this short clip Mallove explains the politics, scientific theory, and hopes for Cold Fusion moving into the future. Unfortunately Mallove, who embodied integrity and lent an enormous amount of credibility to the ‘free energy’ advocates, was senselessly murdered in 2004.

Published on Mar 18, 2013

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