Koko: Infectious Disease — Not War Of Our Own Making — Should Be Our Top Priority Along with Poverty

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Foolish humans — one trillion dollar virus in gestation.

China's bird flu outbreak cost $6.5 billion

(Reuters) – The H7N9 virus appears to have been brought under control in China largely due to restrictions at bird markets, but caused some $6.5 billion in losses to the economy, U.N. experts said on Tuesday.

Health authorities worldwide must be on the lookout to detect the virus, the experts said, which could still develop the ability to spread easily among humans and cause a deadly influenza pandemic.

The new bird flu virus is known to have infected 130 people in mainland China since emerging in March, including 36 who died, but no cases have been detected since early May, Health Minister Li Bin told a meeting of the World Health Organization. One case was found in Taiwan in April, making a total of 131.

“The immediate outbreak has been controlled, but it is also unlikely that virus has simply disappeared. We believe we need go another autumn/winter/spring season to know,” said Keiji Fukuda, WHO assistant director-general for health security.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The top ten threats to humanity have been clearly and intelligently prioritized.  Poverty is #1, Infectious Disease is #2, and Environmental Degradation is #3.  No government — least of all the US Government — is taking these threats seriously  What is one to do when the nominal captain and crew of a ship insist on running the ship aground?  Instead of focusing on all forms of infectious disease, governments are supporting two illegal drug industries — the pharmaceuticals that profit from lies and medicating people senseless, and the marijuana and cocaine and exotic drugs industries, which provide liquidity for the financial sector and bribes for the government sector.  Reality bats last.  Sometime soon, publics needs to begin demanding good legitimate holistic governance, or they will get the sad end they deserve.

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