Neal Rauhauser: Benchmarking Analytic Bridge vs. Data Central

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Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser

Analytic Bridge vs. Data Science Central

I recently spent some time digging into Data Science Central membership, gathering information on about 12,000 members of the site. I started having some profile editing deja vu, went through my bookmarks and unsorted PDFs, and discovered an interesting competition.

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So these two data science oriented sites are using the same strategy to build audience by outreach on LinkedIn, and they appear to be using the same software for their web sites. Both sites are career SEO oriented, with member posts, top content, and other features tuned to drive recognition and traffic. Having just sorted out what is happening I am wondering how effective each one is. Data Science Central has 12,000 members, Analytics Bridge has 27,000, but …

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