Robin Good: Automated Topic-Specific Online Curation Tool

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Robin GoodKurator is a web service which allows you to easily customize one or more visual magazines that automatically aggregate the hashtags, lists, Twitter users, Facebook pages and RSS feeds you specify.

Specifically, you can aggregate from the following sources:

  • Twitter User
  • Twitter List
  • Twitter Keywords
  • Twitter Hastags
  • Twitter Mentions
  • Twitter Top Followers
  • Facebook Page
  • Facebook Keywords
  • RSS Feed

You can also filter and specify specific keywords that you want to be included/excluded.

Kurators offers the ability to title each stream, and to customize somewhat the look of the final magazine by providing a few templates and layouts and access to the controls to adjust the font style, size and color.

The final stream can be published as a web page on Kurator or exported directly to WordPress as a “page”.

My comments: Kurator is a useful tool to rapidly aggregate and publish one or more streams on a specific topic and to be able to integrate this content stream into their WordPress sites.

Unless you are a graphic designer or a tech person it is hard to customize and improve on the ready-made look presently available.

Kurator offers no option to manually curate your final stream and it is almost inevitable with this approach to get some duplicate items and some outright spam.

Good for anyone needing to rapidly create one or more rich-content pages on one or more specific topics.

The difficult, curation work here is all in setting up effective filters to aggregate the valuable content you are looking for. Easier said than done.

Free to use.

Try it out now:


My test page:

Phi Beta Iota:  There are a bunch of these out there and they all decay to SEO usage. A high value audience requires careful attention to content quality and this is probably not going to be an advantage – they are tempting, but you get to the point where you want to customize, and what is needed is out of bounds for the casual usage that is typical.  What is particularly limiting is the inability to add weight to specific words or sources.

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