Penguin: Open Source E-Commerce – One Example

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Open Source is critical for Aatmanirbhar Bharat: Saurav Pathak, Bagisto

Bagisto is a free opensource platform used to build an e-commerce store. In a time frame of just two years, the platform from India has got over 30k+ downloads, 3k+ Github Stars, built a community of 1500+ members and generated revenue of more than $300k. Saurav Pathak, Vice President, Product and Sales, Bagisto, shares with us, how his firm has succeeded in this market, and why open source development and adoption must be encouraged to reduce trade deficits.

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Stephen E. Arnold: Does Open Source Create Open Doors? PBI: Yes, But Proprietary Is Just as Open


Does Open Source Create Open Doors?

Here’s an interesting question I asked on a phone call on Sunday, December 20, 2020: “How many cyber security firms rely on open source software?”

Here’s another question, “How many of the whiz kids working in US government agencies communicate the exact process for selecting, vetting, and implementing open source components directly (via 18f type projects) or from vendors of proprietary cyber security software?”

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Steven Vervaecke: PeerTube RoadMap and Fund Raiser

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The Peertube roadmap includes livestreaming features similar to youtube. So it is an important piece that will make Peertube attractive to all those content creators on youtube.

They need another 13k or so to complete their funding goal. Good peer to peer activitipub fediverse livestreaming technology is vital to the maturing of the distribute web.


Nextcloud Hub 20 debuts Dashboard, unifies search and notifications, integrates with other technologies