Penguin: Is EU Killing #GoogleGestapo?

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Most do not understand that the EU’s new regulations are not really about privacy and copyright, they are about killing #GoogleGestapo and particularly Google, Instagram, and YouTube. Any image, any video, that displays any brand leads to an “all stop” that requires checking and approval by the brand owner before publishing. This could be interpreted as the Deep State’s very clever  way of shutting down the Internet social media complex.

On the bright side…

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Penguin: Open Value

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OPEN VALUE: Accounting for value created in open collaborative networks – the case of SENSORICA

“A value network is a business analysis perspective that describes social and technical resources within and between businesses. The nodes in a value network represent people (or roles). [1]”

Inspired by the abstract concept of the “value network”, Sensorica is a network of real people spread across the globe that currently experiment with ways of creating value together in the real world economy. Sensorica is composed of academics, engineers, farmers and computer programmers and the core products are sensors for scientific measurement and for industrial applications.

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Penguin: The Future of Open Source

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The Future of Open Source

Open source is a key enabler for all technological areas we encounter now and in the future.  The one open source tool that every cloud vendor unanimously relies on today is Kubernetes, which coincidentally, is making multi-cloud adoption easier.

Stephan Fabel is Director of Product Management at Canonical – the company behind Ubuntu.

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Penguin: Ideas for Gab

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Alert Reader from Europe offers the following:

Gab 2.0 (in a 3.0 internet)

Since gab has experienced its infrastructure being removed / demolished. It might benefit from the following tips.

Instead of completely merging with Mastodon. It can instead adopt the underlying infrastructure.

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Penguin: Open Source Cloud Tooling HashiCorp $100M


Open-source cloud tooling maker HashiCorp bags $100M round at $1.9B valuation

HashiCorp Inc., a startup that makes open-source tools for managing cloud environments and applications, today announced that it has reeled in a $100 million late-stage funding round led by IVP.

The valuation is a reflection of the rapid user growth that the startup is experiencing. HashiCorp claims that its cloud automation tools have been downloaded 45 million times in the past 12 months, up from 22 million the previous year.

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Robert Steele: Could Oracle Figure Out True Cost Economics on Top of Its Blockchain Applications?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

ORACLE delves deeper into blockchain with four new applications

This bit caught my eye:

The four applications involve supply chain-transaction data including a track and trace capability to follow a product through its delivery from inception to market, proof of provenance for valuables like drugs, intelligent temperature tracking (what they are calling Intelligent Cold Chain) and warranty and usage tracking. Intelligent Cold chain ensures that a product that is supposed to be kept cold didn’t get exposed to higher than recommended temperatures, while warranty tracking ensures that a product was being used in a proscribed fashion and should be subject to warranty claims.

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Penguin: Microsoft Converts 60,000 Patents Worth Billions into Open Source


Microsoft Just Did Something Big With 60,000 Patents

Microsoft makes its 60,000 patents open source to help Linux

Why Microsoft may be relinquishing billions in Android patent royalties

Penguin: Open Source Office Alternatives to Microsoft UPDATE 1


Open-source office software suites for the enterprise that can rival MS Office 2019

An open-source office software allows users to update to its newer version without a one-time licence fee

Best of the Best:

  • Libre Office
  • Apache OpenOffice
  • Only Office
  • Neo Office
  • WPS Office


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Penguin: Open Source Data Storage

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Solving the storage dilemma: Is open source the key?

One answer to solving the storage issue is software-defined storage (SDS) which separates the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or ‘intelligence’ (control plane). Needing no proprietary hardware components, SDS is the perfect cost-effective solution for enterprises as IT can use off-the-shelf, low-cost commodity hardware which is robust and flexible.