Steven Vervaecke: PeerTube RoadMap and Fund Raiser

Cloud, Software

The Peertube roadmap includes livestreaming features similar to youtube. So it is an important piece that will make Peertube attractive to all those content creators on youtube.

They need another 13k or so to complete their funding goal. Good peer to peer activitipub fediverse livestreaming technology is vital to the maturing of the distribute web.


Nextcloud Hub 20 debuts Dashboard, unifies search and notifications, integrates with other technologies

Steven Vervaecke: Microsoft to Become Linux?

Advanced Cyber/IO, Software

I notice a VERY curious and intresting covert evolution in Microsoft.

A few weeks ago i was listening to a video i stumbled upon through the KP blog. The guy in it said Microsoft was taken over by the white hats, by the Alliance. At the time this seemed like a very wild statement not based upon reality, so i dismissed it for myself.

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