Stephen E. Arnold: Media Gets Open Source Growth, Misses Fencing of the Open Source Commons

Stephen E. Arnold

Open Source: Big Company Point of View

DarkCyber noted a quite good and meaty Slashdot write up called “CNBC Reports Open Source Software Has Essentially ‘Taken Over the World’”. What makes the information interesting is that a big media company reports that other big companies are definitely into open source software. The sources for the information include:

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Penguin: Open Source Trends …


Let’s Talk Open Source Trends (A 2020 Early Look)

There are two emerging trends to take note of now. First, there’s an increased importance around open source compliance and security due to specific industry regulatory changes and requirements.

The second emerging trend is there seems to be an increased level of sophistication in companies regarding both license compliance and risk management related to open source software use. However, developers are missing specific knowledge related to open source licenses and secure coding practices.

Penguin: Open Source Venture Capital, Conference, Seeking to Develop Sustainable Business Models


A Conference to Find Viable Business Models to Commercialize Open Source Software

Organizers of the Open Core Summit – which took part this month at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco – announced the COSS (Commercial Open-Source Software) Platform.

The goal of this initiative is to help commercial open-source organizations develop viable business models. “We want to educate, grow, fund and connect leaders of COSS companies,” as explained to IBL News by Joseph Jacks, founder of OSS Capital, a venture-capital firm who put together the Open Core Summit.

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Penguin: Who Decides What Is Right or Wrong? The Case of Chef Sugar versus ICE

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Civil resistance is interesting.  Civil idiocy less so.  This is a minor league equivalency to #GoogleGestapo claiming it has the right to deplatform anyone it does not agree with.

The Great Open Source Divide: ICE, Hippocratic License and the Controversy

Penguin: Open Source Dashboard


How To Choose The Perfect Open-Source Dashboard

In the current data-driven scenario, data visualisation is something all data analyst have to court, and a dashboard, in this case, is an obvious protagonist. Dashboards allow real-time visualising and easy understanding of the key performance indicators in an organisation. Dashboards extract meaningful insights from data which is further used by organisations for decision-making.

Penguin: Open Source Databases


Open source databases: Today’s viable alternative for enterprise computing

Open source database systems have been optimized to cloud architecture to a far greater degree than proprietary systems. In the case of EDB Postgres, you can get it as a managed database service on Amazon Web Services or as self-manageable, clusterable private instances in the public or private cloud of your choice.

Penguin: Open-Source Project Unveils Detailed Road Map for New Mainnet


Open-Source Project Unveils Detailed Road Map for New Mainnet

An open-source project that aims to create a smart economy based on blockchain technology has unveiled a new program designed to fuel its ecosystem’s growth — while setting out a detailed road map for its new mainnet.

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Penguin: Mapping the Open Source Publishing Landscape + RDS on China Rules OSEE?

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Mapping the Open-Source Publishing Landscape

More than 50 open-source publishing tools have been cataloged in a new landscape analysis funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation secured by MIT Press.

The “Mind the Gap” report, published Wednesday, describes the wide range of open-source publishing tools available for academic books and journals.

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Penguin: 12 Open Source Software Challenges for Business


12 challenges businesses face when using open-source software

List Only:

  1. Security
  2. Confusing Complexity
  3. Updates
  4. Community and Licensing
  5. Training
  6. Lack of Customer Support
  7. Mystery Sources
  8. Compatibility
  9. Learning Curve
  10. Not Prioritizing a Policy
  11. Seeing the Big Picture
  12. Not Realizing the Cost

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Berto Jongman: dWeb (Decentralized Web) by Mark Nadal

Cloud, Software
Berto Jongman

These technologists think the internet is broken. So they’re building another one.

Mark Nadal is one of a growing number of technologists trying to right what they see as the wrongs of the internet by building a new one around decentralization.

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