SchwartzReport: Bee Colony Collapse, South Carolina Nullified Obamacare

01 Agriculture, 07 Health

schwartz reportThis is perhaps the saddest story of all concerning the bees. As is so often the case today, I take it to be a an example of a state of consciousness that is killing us, as surely as it is killing the bees. Bee keepers steal all the honey from the bees that they lay up to keep themselves healthy, and feed them high fructose corn syrup. It is now emerging that this is one of! the reasons the bees are dying.

Honey May Be Bees’ Best Medicine for Colony Collapse Disorder

The Great Schism Trend is reaching a kind of crescendo, whose outcome is unclear to me. This could pass, or it could continue to develop to crisis. I am using this South Carolina story, but I could have picked Alabama, or Kansas. All at the same time. This is an assertion of states rights over federal laws, and it must go to the Supreme Court, as will several of the others cases! .

South Carolina House Passes Nullification Bill to Make Obamacare a Crime

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