SchwartzReport: Half of USA In or Near Poverty — And It Is Getting Worse

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schwartz reportHere is the latest in the breakdown of the middle class. As you read this, remember the Pew study on women, and the lower cohort in poverty. We are becoming a second world country, with a crumbling infrastructure, an uber-rich class, an oversized military, and what amounts to a growing impoverished prole class mesmerized by sports, values politics, consumerism, and American idol shows.

The growing irrelevancy of the traditional structures of American governance can easily be seen in our corrupt barely functioning Congress, increasingly made up of people who see Federal politics as not a career culmination, or an act of public service but, instead, as a stepping stone to commercial success and celebrity.

Half of America is in or Near Poverty — and It’s Getting Worse
PAUL BUCHHEIT – Nation of Change

Phi Beta Iota:  Poverty in the USA has doubled since 2000.  1 in four children go to bed hungry, 1 in three adults wanting work are unemployed.

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Glasmeier, Amy (2005).  An Atlas of Poverty in American: One Nation, Pulling Apart 1960-2003.  Routledge.

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