SchwartzReport: New Phone App Allows Point of Sale Boycott of Koch Brothers and Monsanto Products — Now Imagine an App with Face, Address, and Credit Card Recognition That Can Refuse Service to Anyone Working for Them….

Cultural Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is wonderful news. One of those little social acupunctures that allows the 99 per cent to speak out effectively — don't buy their stuff.  Go to: to download.   I urge all my readers to do so and shop accordingly.

New Phone app Allows Users to Boycott Koch Brothers and Monsanto Products

Phi Beta Iota:  Story is worth reading.  Jim Turner (former #2 to Ralph Nader) and others thought of this term “buycott” years ago, and there have been many websites striving to align social values with purchasing habits, but this appears to be the first one that actually puts it all together, and against the two greatest evils less Wal-Mart in the US constellation of evils.  Now imagine if this gets to the point that public intelligence can not only identify all the owners and managers of specific firms, but also their stockholders, and refuse service to them as they appear.  You cannot eat money.  The 1%, for lack of ethical grounding, are using up the 99% seed corn at a much faster rate than they realize.  Their airplanes and cars will not be refueled; their chefs will not be able to buy food, deliveries to their mansions will be short-circuited, etc….

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