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The National Intelligence Model (NIM) has been used by police to do intelligence with integrity about threats, capabilities, and outcomes.  This is not done by the US Government or most others.  Capabilities are generally not related to threats (inputs) or outcomes (desired strategy and policy goals) because corruption clogs up the system–decisions are made on the basis of political and financial influence, and the elements of government — the FBI, for example — are not held accoiuntable for actually producing any outcomes of significance, such as the elimination of organized crime (political, financial, and street-level).

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Here at Phi Beta Iota there are four strategic analytic models, one graphic on evaluating intelligence (not something anyone does now with any degree of intelligence or integrity), and one graphic on Whole of Government applied intelligence with constant integrity.  Links are below.  First however, Ada Bozeman's words, words we have embraced as our guiding light in creating a Smart Nation and an approach to hybrid governance in the public interest that is rooted in ethical evidence-based decision-support.

Ada Bozeman has written:

(There is a need) to recognize that just as the essence of knowledge is not as split up into academic disciplines as it is in our academic universe, so can intelligence not be set apart from statecraft and society, or subdivided into elements…such as analysis and estimates, counterintelligence, clandestine collection, covert action, and so forth. Rather … intelligence is a scheme of things entire. (Bozeman 1998: 177):[1]

Done properly, a national intelligence model should integrate education, intelligence, and research, and be accountable to the public, all Congressional jurisdictions, all executive agency customers for decision-support, and its own leadership.  It should address ALL of the threats leveraging ALL eight of the tribes, deeply understanding systems relationships and true cost economics across ALL policy domains, and generally being very transparent.  Its information-sharing and sense-making model must embrace Open  Source Everything (OSE) and Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2).  It's strategic objective should be a prosperous world at peace beginning with a domestic revitalization that rapidly eradicates fraud, waste, and abuse, all of which survive because a corrupt political system wills it and a corrupt intelligence process allows it.  Somewhere in here the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) needs to learn to MANAGE, and we probably should have a separate new agency, Office of the Inspectors General and Counterintelligence (OIGC) that reports to the DD/OMB for Management [the position and its staffing would need draconian enhancement].

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