Stephen E. Arnold: Open Source Software in Health — The Tsunami Rises

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

List of New Open Source EHR Software Solutions

The innovative community of open source software developers have created many new applications in a variety of fields, but a recent Datamation article narrows in on one field in particular — health care. “50 Open Source Replacements for Health Care Software” shares a rundown on all fifty electronic health record software solutions.

A study from PricewaterhouseCooper revealed that 79 percent of health care execs expect to see an increase on their technology spending this year. EHR capabilities are a major area in need of an upgrade at many health care institutions but still others anticipate needing analytics to help improve care for patients. Costs may be an issue for some.

In light of expenses, the article states:

“However, expensive, proprietary software isn’t the only option for these sorts of initiatives. The open source community has a wealth of projects related to EHR, imaging, and hospital, laboratory and practice management. Small practices and facilities in developing countries, in particular, have found that these applications met their needs while minimizing their expenses. We’ve put together a list of fifty of these applications and noted proprietary applications they resemble.”

We found this to be a useful resource. While it may not be completely comprehensive it appears to be a step in that direction, which is always beneficial in such ever-evolving marketing like health care technology.

Megan Feil, May 14, 2013

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