Stephen E. Arnold: Analytics Company to Disrupt Digital and Mobile Metrics Emphasis

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Analytics Company to Disrupt Digital and Mobile Metrics Emphasis

From Business Insider comes news of a potentially disruptive startup: “Mixpanel, A Startup That Wants To Kill Pageviews And Other ‘BS Metrics’ Now Measures 12 Billion Actions Per Month.” Mixpanel Co-founder Suhail Doshi pushes for digital and mobile companies to highlight monthly user engagement numbers instead of page views.

Mixpanel is an analytics company founded in 2009. It helps both paying and non-paying customers track engagement through actions on their sites. For example, “liking” content on Facebook is an action.

According to the article:

“Doshi admits it’s harder for content-producers to shift to his way of thinking. But changing an industry standard like pageview reporting is a slow process, and Doshi thinks his company is making good headway. ’We’re this living, breathing case that we do see pageviews are dying,’ says Doshi, who was inspired to track meaningful analytics by mentor and former colleague, Max Levchin. Pageviews are already dying on mobile devices, says Doshi, because users rarely click through to see more pages on tiny screens.”

Mixapanel’s growth implies they are doing something right. However, regarding Google Analytics, Mixpanel is making some bold assertions.

Megan Feil, May 27, 2013

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