Winn Schwartau: Facebook OSINT Module for Recon-ng

Winn Schwartau
Winn Schwartau

Title: Facebook OSINT Module for Recon-ng
Source: Kc57
Date Published: 25th April 2013


‘….If you haven’t yet heard of Recon-ng I suggest you check it out. It walks you through the process of collecting recon in various forms and provides a nice framework to store, sort, and report on
everything you collect. You should definitely get this set up if you plan to follow along.

I have been working on a Recon-ng module to do some Facebook OSINT by using the Facebook Graph API to search for phone numbers. It allows you to search for a specific phone number, or brute force
through a range of numbers and grab all of the publicly available information on each associated Facebook account that matches……'

Read complete article with code graphics.

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