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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

I've been watching three areas the past few months:

01  Afghanistan and the non-existent exit strategy

02  NSA and the implosion of accountability in the US IC

03  Veteran suicides, active duty sexual assaults, and “the German disease”

From where I sit, the senior leadership across the national security community and deep into every corner of the White House and Congress, has gone insane for lack of integrity at all levels.

01  Afghanistan.   The seven US personnel killed a few weeks ago, four of them contractors, were killed in part because the White House has three times refused to answer requests from the top US commanders for approval to deal with the Taliban and define an exit strategy that precludes precision car bombs (suicidal drivers) on convoys in the capital city; and because timid US commanders in Kabul, having no clue about asymmetric warfare, have created GUARDIAN ANGEL, a death sentence for all concerned — no more moving around the capital city solo and blending in — now everyone has to go in an armored convoy with antennas visible down pre-designated corridors on regular schedules — I am reminded of the buses I rode in Viet-Nam with anti-grenade fencing on the windows, also on a posted schedule.  Today things are different: a driven car bomb can take out the core vehicle in any convoy, and there are many righteous tribal and religious suicidal drivers in Afghanistan.  If the White House does not professionalize its handling of Afghanistan in the next couple of weeks, I predict that more Americans will die in the next year than have died in the past four.  Reality bats last in Afghanistan, and the Taliban are at the plate.  Does Obama really want to go down in history as the father of the Kabul massacre?  Newsflash: Kabul is further from the sea than Saigon was.  There will be no last-minute rush for the door.

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02.  NSA, the US IC, and the Department of Justice.  In fairness to NSA, a great deal of what they are being blamed for actually should be attributed to the Department of Justice, the FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  This does not, in any way, excuse the dereliction of duty of General Keith Alexander.  Like Colin Powell before him he is a “mini-me” to the concept of substituting loyalty for integrity, loyalty to insane and illegal orders for his oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign.  Every flag officer — but especially so those in intelligence and special operations — has been derelict in refusing to say “no” to illegal orders.  The same is true of corporate leaders — everyone has lost sight of ethics and integrity and the values of the Republic.  The naming of a new Director of the FBI is a good start, provided he does not sell out as his predecessor sold out, to the Vatican, mafia, wealthy pedophiles and elite drug running and money laundering cabal.  Needed now is a decisive house-cleaning across the entirety of the national security community with an especially deep enema needed in DHS and Justice, but plans must be put in place to eliminate the DNI and the NRO, cut NSA in half, merge NGA and USGS, eliminate all HUMINT and CI outside of a newly professionalized inter-agency training program at The Farm, consolidate all the all-source analysts at Bolling AFB, and of course fund the Open Source Agency with its Multinational Decision Support Support Centre, both to be located on the South-Central Campus.  The latter will be responsible for telling the truth, every day, about each of the ten high-level threats to humanity and each of the twelve core policy domains, and each of the eight demographic challenges, providing ethical evidence-based decision support to Whole of Government.  No one does that now.  It also merits comment that Google is far more intrusive than NSA (in part because NSA does not process most of what it collects), and the US Government is completely witless and uncaring about the corruption of (brilliant) computational mathematics and the various “lite” forms of evil incarnate within Google.

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03  Veteran Suicides, active duty sexual assaults, and “the German disease.”  I have no direct knowledge, but the three taken together are for me the canary in the coal mine.  Veteran suicides are now up from 18 a day to 22 a day, and those are just the successful suicides.  Sexual assault is not just male on female, but also male on male and sometimes female on female.  We also have “the German disease,” as Kay Griggs calls it, the Nazi-originated sado-masochistic homosexuality among the “existentialists” who believe that domestic murder is just a detail, war is total, ethics are for wimps, and anything goes as long as they are members in good standing of the club.  War has a cost, not only in blood and treasure, but in spirit — what I have been seeing in the past 12 years is far beyond the Fifty Year Wound or Sorrows of Empire that we imposed on the rest of the world after WWII — this is a fatal cancer within our own body, imagine every sexual, organ, and skin disease imaginable, all coming together to turn our national security personnel into deformed charicatures far removed from the concepts of honor, integrity, and valor.  Of the three, this is the one I agonize over the most.  I have never been suicidal, but when I lost my clearances to people one step up from chimpanzees (reinstated finally in 2013), and thus my business, forcing me into four years of unemployment at a time when 22.4% are unemployed, and in my demographic closer to 40%, I have certainly experienced the anguish of helplessness.   Character matters, and I will end with this: when criminal insanity is the norm at the highest levels, suicide may often be the only alternative for someone whom might otherwise go on a murderous rampage — and we are seeing more of those.  It is called cognitive dissonance.  No one is safe within the Republic — or within the military or police.  Predation is embedded in the system.

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To end on a positive note, I see many small signs of hope across the European Union, NATO, White SOF, and the BRICS.  There is only one transformative possibility in today's environment, and that is the integration of education, intelligence (decision-support), and research to create an alternative command and control “system” that is holistic, transparent, truthful about true costs, and therefore affordable, scalable, and sustainable — only an Open Source Everything (OSE) and an M4IS2 mind-set can accomplish this.  I have kept myself healthy and alive because I am quite certain that the next twenty years will be transformative, and that the abject failures of intelligence and integrity within the US national security community (including law enforcement and a corrupt ignorant Congress) have been necessary to wake both the US public, now thinking about 2014 and 2016, and foreign publics, among whom one word summarizes their view:  ENOUGH!

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