Robert Steele: The Second American Revolution – Abbreviated Reflections

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

The Second American Revolution – Abbreviated Reflections

Russian International Affairs Council

26 November 2018

I had occasion recently to engage with the thinking of the very talented Professor Igor Panarin, a most distinguished Russian intelligence officer and strategic forecaster, and today the dean of the Russian school for future diplomats. In 1998 he predicted the break-up of the USA by 2010 – a Balkanized USA influenced by others, with Alaska going completely to Russia.

I have published an eighteen page response to him (with seven graphics and fifty-six endnotes each containing links to sources), easily found at I thought here to provide an abbreviated version (below) of my thinking for members of the Russian International Affairs Council.

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Robert Steele: James Bamford on Anti-Intelligence -Trump’s War on the IC (Trump Revolution 28)

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Jim Bamford


What happens when the president goes to war with his own spies?

The New Republic

19 March 2018

Phi Beta Iota: Bamford understates the cost of the IC – over eight years Obama spent close to $400 billion, not the $100 billion that Bamford cites. If one includes hidden support costs in other budgets, and offshore (off budget) funding, it is highly likely the secret world has wasted much more than that.

Robert Steele comments below the fold.

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ITNJ: Open Letter – Pedophilia Commission Overview

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The below document has been approved as a preliminary vision statement for the Judicial Commision of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Exploitation, where Robert Steele, the author, has agreed to serve as the Chief Counsel to Sir John Walsh of Brannagh.

ITNJ Steele Letter A Signed Final

See the video and two links here.

Full text of Open Letter below the fold.

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Robert Steele: Gina Haspel’s Confirmation Challenge

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Gina Haspel, the first female nominee to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is going to face some very tough questions in her confirmation hearing.

She has my support on  five conditions:

01 She acknowledges the moral and practical errors of the past, inclusive of the rendition & torture program and the drone assassination program;

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