Jean Lievens: Nick Ilyadis Wants Intelligent Networks to Make Use of Internet of Things Data — Could This Include Embedded True Cost Data?

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Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

We Need Intelligent Networks to Make Use of Internet of Things Data, says Broadcom’s Nick Ilyadis

Nick Ilyadis, CTO of Broadcom, discussed his company’s long lasting relationship with HP, security trends, and the big trend of  Internet of Things with theCube co-hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante, live at the HP Discover 2013 conference.

“We’re on our 13th generation of Ethernet controllers and HP has been a customer of ours for most of those generations,” Ilyadis said, adding that the quality of the software Broadcom provided was key to the relationship. Asked to detail the quality of the controller they provide, Ilyadis said that “quality has many facets”, and one key point is hardening – the software is field tested over several generations, it is feature rich, and features are incorporated based on feedback from customers. “We’re very responsive to go out and fix” issues, he added. “The fact that they are using it as a default adapter speaks of that.”

Broadcom was also named partner of the year for security by HP. Ilyadis said that the “controller products don’t really have a security aspect, but in broader Broadcom portfolio, we have encryption /crypto capabilities that are best in class.” Broadcom has recently announced a a multi-core processor that provide a hundred gigabytes of crypto in line. What that means it has the ability to encrypt multiple enterprises in terms of their traffic – such as banks – “without breaking a sweat.” The product is “the highest performing multi-core processor in the industry.”

Exploring software defined networking and network virtualization from a CTO perspective, Ilyadis said what these new directions allow is “being able to orchestrate your network holistically and being able to automate the virtualization of machines and have the network move with them.” When you have multiple virtual machines on a single server, the network has to keep traffic separated for multi-tennant environments and that’s a challenge for network virtualization.

“In the past you’d do manual management, what SDN does is create a platform where networks are viewed as holistic and you can go and run commands” for management instead.

Commenting on network performance trends, Ilyadis said “the first trend we’re seeing is the increase of 10 gig server adoption.”

Moonshot, Ilyadis stated, ”changes the server paradigm. Moonshot is a very networked box. It’s a very nice evolution of the server complex and how it gets deployed.”

Exploring Internet of Things trends, Ilyadis said that we lived in a networked environment which means “everything is embedded deeper in the fabric of society. You have this wireless infrastructure that can reach out and pull information, but then you need the fabric behind it” that brings the data in and process it.  To be able to provide that, “the network has to become intelligent to be able to provide analytics on data.” The fabric has to be aware.

Commenting on Google Glass, Ilyadis said that a revolutionary app would be one that would pull out names and information on people when a person using them walks around a full room.

As far as the recent NSA scandal is concerned, Ilyadis said that “we share information openly.” If we’re assuming any level of privacy in this world, we need to be proactive to make sure you maintain our privacy.

As far as media trends go, video advancements and connected homes are concerned, Ilyadis said “a lot of companies try to provide a turnkey experience in the home.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  After the Internet of Things comes the Internet of Costs — every article will have embedded in it its complete history across key attributes including true cost in water, fuel, child labor, tax avoidance, etcetera.  The data can be embedded or associated at any point in the supply chain and is not subject to manipulation by the originator or seller.  Combined with deliberative human collective buy-cotts, it will change the marketplace radically for the better.