Josh Kilbourn: PRISM BREAK Opt-Out of the “Machine” — Instead of Google, Microsoft, Et All — Each a Collaborator with PRISM — Go Open Source Everything

#OSE Open Source Everything
Josh Kilbourn
Josh Kilbourn

The listed alternatives at the link below are organized as follows:

Operating System   .   Web Browser   .   Web Browser Plug Ins   .   Web Search   .   Online Transactions   .   Email Services   .   Email Desktop Clients   .   Email Encryption   .   Maps   .   Cloud Storage   .   Social Networking   .   Instant Messaging   .   Video-Teleconferencing   .   Media Publishing   .   Document Collaboration   .   Web Analytics   .   Android   .   IOS

Phi Beta Iota:  We appear to have a reached a point where “Open Source Everything” is the alternative to industrial-era top-down organized predation upon We the People.

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