Koko: Alternative View Calling for a New World Order Based on Water, Castrated Bankers, and Death Sentence for Politicians Betraying the Public Trust

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Heard in the jungle….

Is it Time for a New World Order?

The Old World Order is Based on

1) Oil
2) Aviation
3) Banks that Steal Money from it's Customers
3) Religion that is based on Lies
4) The Occult Dictatorship of the 1% over the 99%
5) Politicians that are not responsible of their actions and act like Puppets for the Evil Cabal
6) Stock Markets that are Manipulated on a Daily Basis by the chosen People.
7) Slavery and Depression

The New World Order should be based on

1) Water as the only Source of Energy
2) A Global Network of Zero Emission Hypersonic Trains
3) Bankers that are castrated
4) The 1% taken all their Money and Land and give it to the 99% with the emphasis on overproduction of Food and cleaning up this Planet
5) Politicians that pay with all their belongings and even with their Life if they lead us into Wars that are unjustified
6) Closing of all Stock Markets as they are only there to Manipulate the Masses
7) Individual Rights, Right of self Rule and Freedom.

The New World Order is coming, make no mistake.
But right now we can shape it the way we want/
How it will look like is up to us.
Oppose any Dictatorship I say!

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