Koko: US Uranium Mining on Tribal Lands — Poisoning the Bread Basket, Decades of Human Rights and Health Abuses

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America’s Secret Fukushima Poisoning the Bread Basket of the World

Margaret Flowers and Devin Zeese

truthout, 5 June 2013

Early in the morning of July 16, 1979, a 20-foot section of the earthen dam blocking the waste pool for the Church Rock Uranium Mill in New Mexico caved in and released 95 million gallons of highly acidic fluid containing 1,100 tons of radioactive material. The fluid and waste flowed into the nearby Puerco River, traveling 80 miles downstream, leaving toxic puddles and backing up local sewers along the way.

Although this release of radiation, thought to be the largest in US history, occurred less than four months after the Three Mile Island partial nuclear meltdown, the Church Rock spill received little media attention. In contrast, the Three Mile Island accident made the headlines. And when the residents of Church Rock asked their governor to declare their community a disaster area so they could get recovery assistance, he refused.

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Video footage here and here (time-stamped) from John Pilger’s documentary “Utopia,” that tells of the Australian government/mining industry’s discovery of uranium & precious minerals on aboriginal land and the deception & betrayal dealt to them.

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