Neal Rauhauser: Curator Skill Sheet — Future of Public Intelligence from the Bottom Up

Crowd-Sourcing, Governance, Innovation, Knowledge, P2P / Panarchy, Transparency
Neal Rauhauser
Neal Rauhauser

Compiled this from the source document:

Curator Types
•  Aggregator
•  Distiller
•  Elevator
•  Masher
•  Chronologist

Curator Skills
•  Sense-making: the ability to determine significance
•  Social intelligence: the ability to connect with others in a deep way
•  Adaptive thinking: the ability to come up with novel solutions
•  Cross-cultural competency: the ability to operate in new contexts
•  Computational thinking: ability to think abstractly and make data-driven decisions
•  New media literacy: the ability to assess new media critically and use itappropriately
•  Transdisciplinarity: ability to understand concepts across a range of disciplines
•  Design mindset: the ability to understand how the physical environment impactsthinking and make conscious choices in using it
•  Cognitive load management: the ability to filter information
•  Virtual collaboration: the ability to be a productive part of a virtual team

Curator Methods
•  Optimizes
•  Edits
•  Formats
•  Selects
•  Excerpts
•  Writes
•  Classifies
•  Links
•  Personalizes
•  Vets
•  Credits
•  Filters
•  Taps
•  Suggests
•  Searches
•  Scouts
•  Hacks Filters & Searches
•  Is Transparent
•  Recommends
•  Crowdsources

Based on:  Robin Good: Attention Doesn’t Scale – the Role of Content Curation in Membership Associations