NIGHTWATCH: Egypt Tarred with Benghazi, Israel Escapes Notice

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Libya: This week the Kuwaiti newspaper Al Rai published a Libyan intelligence report of the results of its interrogation of terrorists connected to the Benghazi attack in which a US Ambassador was murdered. According to the report, the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and President Mursi were involved in the plot to attack the US facility.

Comment: Al Rai is a mainstream legitimate news outlet in Kuwait. It published what purports to be the entire document in its original Arabic. Other Arab newspapers picked up the report before it reached English language news services.

The information, assuming the entire document is not a fake, is based on admissions or confessions obtained under Libyan intelligence interrogation. Therefore its credibility is doubtful. The linkage to Mursi is almost certainly a lie obtained under torture. What is significant is that multiple Arab news outlets thought it worth repeating.

Phi Beta Iota:  Israel has always enjoyed extraordinary relations with Libya at the rendition, torture, and secret intelligence level.  While the US Government continues to cover-up very significant derelictions of duty by the President, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Defense then serving (the military officers in command wanted to do the right thing and were prevented from doing so), Israel continues to escape notice.  Israel is a master of the Arabic false flag, and in any given set of circumstances, if it is bad for the USA in the Middle East, Israel is almost certainly pulling one or more of the puppet strings.  The fact is that the US secret intelligence world is incompetent — it cannot process what it collects technically, it does not have human intelligence worthy of the name, and it is completely lacking in counterintelligence — all at a time when the White House has no interest in intelligence with integrity, and Congress is more accustomed to being blackmailed by the secret world rather than informed by the secret world.  The Middle East is coming down to a long-term fight among the Turks, the Iranians, and the Saudis, with everyone else being on the sidelines and generally using a playbook that is decades out of date and culturally blind.

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